Missouri Concealed Carry Weapons Course

Our Missouri CCW class covers all of the Missouri state requirements that are necessary for the applicant to apply for their CCW permit. Additionally, we have always included all of the supplies you need; use of firearms, ammo, safety equipment, an on-site indoor range and a hot lunch. You just bring yourself and we handle the rest. But that's not all, we also give you insight to what you need to do after you complete the course. Register for this course!

Core Skills

Notice we didn't call it a "self defense" course, that's a misnomer. If you're in "defensive mode" you're drastically behind the curve and your chances of surviving drop significantly. We'll cover the basic skills you need regardless of whether or not you're planning on being armed. Self protection isn't always about using your handgun, it's more about being aware, assessing, and then acting decisively, and winning! Losing, in this context, will suck really bad!


If you've read the Core Skills course description then you know I said self protection isn't always about using your handgun. This course isn't either, it's all about using "tools" to give you an advantage over the aggressor(s). We'll explore a variety of tools (including firearms) that are well know and purpose built, and then a host of other readily available tools that you might not have ever considered before. The word "available" is the key.


This class brings everything together and prepares you for advanced ongoing training and doing. Force on force, scenario based, live fire and additional high level training opportunities. Serious, advanced skills that few people will take the time to acquire!

Our concept in presenting this material is to keep it simple and make it an efficient system that you can easily learn and execute with devastating results. Would you want anything less?