Our "Training" Philosophy

Training is just one part of a larger picture

The skills you need to win in a lethal force encounter can't be acquired if you approach the process in a random order. To become proficient with a specific skill, you will be required to combine several elements, in the proper order, to master and efficiently use that new skill. It's a process . . .

A skill, or for that matter any function of the human brain/body that is not innate, has to be learned in some fashion. No big surprise there, huh? Learning is something everyone is familiar with from the very first memories they have, but everything you learn does not automatically develop into a skill. You may be able to perform the actions you learned without training, but it will require a thought process that will use a portion of your conscious high level thinking capacity.

After you learn that new "function", you will then need to train yourself by performing thousands of repetitions to form new neural pathways in your brain that tell your body what to do based on a particular stimulus.

The third step then, is the act of being able to actually do that function in the context of being "adrenalized". This is the phase of becoming what some may call "unconsciously competent".

The objective of this 3 step process is to make this new skill reflexive (something you don't have to actively think about) and thereby offloading your brain to perform other, more complex, actions. There is, however, a price to pay if you don't follow the logical order of learn-train-do. If you unexpectedly happen to have the misfortune of experiencing the "do" before the "learn" and "train", you may not live to see your next birthday. It's not as hard as it sounds though, all you need are a few tools, some good instruction and 30 minutes several times a week. Learn, train, do! Right?

The "larger picture" is you do have innate skills in your DNA, you WERE born with them. Survival skills that our ancestors have been developing for thousands of years. In addition to outlining the learned skills you need to develop, we help you become aware of the survival tools that you already possess.