Register for CCW Course

Missouri CCW Permit Safety Course (8 hour course)

We will provide everything you will need for this class! Use of firearms, ammo, refreshments, lunch from a menu, indoor range, all in one facility, all in one day!! You will receive a certificate of completion and a Missouri Instructor Qualification form needed to get your CCW permit. All regularly scheduled Saturday classes start at 9:00AM. The cost is $65 per person, payable on the day of the class.

Missouri Permit-less Safety Course (4 hour course)

Additionally, we also offer the "permit-less carry" version on the same day. We welcome you to attend the morning session of the CCW permit course to gain vital insight and knowledge pertaining to Missouri's recent law regarding the right to carry your firearm without a CCW permit. The cost for the 4 hour session is $40 per person, payable on the day of the class.

We will contact you to confirm your registration. The class and indoor range are both located at 4400 E 13th, Joplin, Mo.